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  • Match Date: 17/09/2019

Fixture: Oswestry Mixed 2 v Shrewsbury LTC 2

Result: Won 3-1

Oswestry mixed 2 continued their 2019 season on the 17th September by hosting Shrewsbury Lawn 2.

A clear warm evening, no wind, supporters galore on the baseline, the scene was set for a great night of tennis – and the teams didn’t disappoint!

The familiar pairing of Hann and Hollywell took up position against the very experienced and solid Shrewsbury first pair. Quickly into the first set the Oswestry team pressed the net hard putting their opposition under pressure with some solid volleying into open court. In response the Shrewsbury pair deployed a lob tactic, but quick on their feet and covering some amazing ground on numerous occasions Hann and Hollywell stood firm and took the first set 6-4. The start of the second set saw the Shrewsbury pair adopt the same tactic as Hann and Hollywell in the first set where they began to press the net hard. In ‘return’ the Oswestry pair reciprocated the Shrewsburys lob tactic with Hollywell putting in some inch perfect shots. In a very tight match team H and H found themselves in a second set tiebreak. A quick team talk and some positive thinking the Oswestry pair mixed the game up and took the lead never looking back and winning the second set and the team’s first rubber.

Hann and Campbell settled quickly into their normal ‘attack attack’ mode against the second Shrewsbury pairing. The Shrewsbury pair proved more than able to deliver an ‘attack attack’ approach themselves. Both teams battled extremely hard with some lengthy rallies. The Oswestry pair raised their game and claimed the first set 6-4. With no let-up in sight Hann and Campbell continued their tennis masterclass showing just why they were unbeaten and secured the second set in a 6-2 victory. Two points to zero at the halfway stage to the home side.

The reverse rubbers proved to be a mighty battle for all on court. Hann and Hollywell keen to win a second rubber set about their task. Both teams played some fantastic angled shots and volleys pushing each other to the brink. Although the level of tennis was amazing and Hann still running round like a berk, it was not quite enough to win the much wanted rubber, the Oswestry pair succumbed to a 7-5, 6-3 defeat.

Hann and Campbell, hot off their first rubber win, were put to the test by the Shrewsbury first pairing. Campbell unfortunately aggravated a shoulder injury which meant that serving and the normal thunderous baseline shots were a challenge. Hann, determined not to lose a set, took control on court chasing down every loose ball and setting up the ‘put away’ at the net for Campbell. In a very closely fought match the Oswestry pair dug deep, stayed calm and came out victorious with a 6-4, 7-6, 1-0 win – a tremendous result.

The match winning ball was struck at 9.55pm with the lights shutting down just 5 minutes later!. A fabulous evening of high standard tennis with Oswestry coming out on top with a 3-1 win.