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  • Match Date: 15/10/2019

Fixture: Oswestry Mixed 2 v Worfield 1

Result: Lost 1-3

Oswestry Mixed 2 were host to a very strong Worfield 1. With playing conditions the best they had been for several weeks the home side got to work.

The first pair Hann and Hollywell settled quickly into their game. The rallies were long and hard a with an epic first set going to a tie break which saw the Oswestry pair, unfortunately, lose 15-13. The second set was somewhat more in favour of the opposition at the deuce stages with a loss for the home stalwarts of 3-6.

The second pairs were busy on the other court with the Oswestry team, Hann and Campbell putting in a stronger performance winning the rubber.

The reverse rubbers saw some great tennis with the Hann and Hollywell unable to clinch the rubber and Hann and Campbell narrowly missing out on a championship tie break.

A tough night for the team losing 1-3.