Tournament Information

11 pairs are competing in this years Mixed Doubles Handicap tournament. The first round matches are to be completed by 26th June, the quarter finals by 7th August, the semi finals by 18th September with the final being played on  25th September. The rules and handicap guides will soon be available using the links below.

The draw for the first round is as follows ( handicaps are shown in brackets):

First Round Draw

  Richard Hann & Rose Butler (+15/+15) Bye

  Calin Balasa & Jo Dalietos (0/-15) Bye

Brett Hollywell & Linda Davies (0/-15) v Gary Edwards & Denise Chetwood (0/0)

  Steve Winter & Speth Cumpston (0/-15) Bye

  Michael Sclater & Helen Greenaway (+15/+15) Bye

Dave Clough & Connie Jones (-15/-15) v Alan Clarke & Mille Hann (0/-15)

Andy Edwards & Carol Slater  (0/0) v Chris Smith & Jess Hann (0/0)

  Saffron Rainey & Clare Hann (-15/-15) Bye

Rules   Handicap Guide

All queries to be directed to the tournament organiser (Gary Edwards).