Tournament Information

The Mixed Doubles Handicap tournament is now into its fifth year.

This year's final will be held on Sunday 29th September.

Quarter Finals

Matches to be played by 30th June

Dave Clough & Carol Johnson (0) 6 2 3
Chris Smith & Mandy Coxhead (+15) 4 6 4
Gary Edwards & Clare Hann (-30)
Alan Clarke & Jo Dailetos (0/-15)
Richard Hann & Millie Parsons-Hann (0/-15)
Dave Bass & Ellie Edwards (0/-15)
Brett Hollywell & Shirley Jones (0)
Peters Scott & Linda Clarke (0/-15)

Semi Finals

Matches to be played by 15th September

Winner QF1 (TBC)
Winner QF2 (TBC)
Winner QF3 (TBC)
Winner QF4 (TBC)


To be played on 29th September

Winner SF1 (TBC)
Winner SF2 (TBC)